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  07/17/14 20:12, by admin, Categories: Main

Today seemed like a bad day so I'm listing all my complaints and then some things to be thankful for.

What went wrong

  1. The refrigerator is leaking on the floor. Still. It's been leaking for a couple of years now. One would think it would be all out of water.
  2. I bought the wrong part for my vacuum cleaner, so I wasted $15, I still can't clean the carpets, and I have to go buy another part. Plus a belt.
  3. The internet connection was really unreliable.
  4. It was so unreliable that I bought some data for my prepaid MiFi doodad. The data cost $90 for 10GB
  5. Some sort of stinging insect, like a bee, wasp, yellow jacket or hornet stung me. On my elbow. It really hurt.

Hmm. That list is much shorter than I thought.

Good stuff, including a helpful mapping to show the bright side of the aforementioned items

  1. I called an appliance repairman (Sirois and Son Nashua NH) that I trust. He'll do a good job and fix it. I have money and can pay him. Then the refrigerator won't leak any more.
  2. I called a local vacuum cleaner shop (Neverett's Sew & Vac) who ordered the right part, without requiring payment, and will call me when it arrives. I'll give him the part I can't use and he can help someone else.
  3. I chatted on line with the ISP. That didn't go well. The connection died during the chat and the representative was not especially helpful. However, I called their support line and spoke with a wonderful person who really took the time to help me. This did not solve the problem, but she submitted a ticket and if nothing else I believe she did a good job.
  4. I learned how to buy MB for my MiFi doodad. If I need it, I can use it tomorrow. And, I am glad that I bought it a few weeks ago.
  5. I'm not allergic to stinging insects. I was able to run away from the nest that I disturbed while gleefully pulling up plants. I only got stung once. And, it looks like I may have done a significant amount of damage to the nest. I don't take pleasure in causing animals to suffer, but at least I know they were justified in stinging me.

And of course, there's all the other stuff to be thankful for ...

  • I'm pretty healthy
  • I have a nice family
  • We have what we need to take care of our family
  • I live in NH, USA
  • I have a great job

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