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There's a nice regional supermarket chain in New England called Market Basket.

It's two and half miles from my house, the associates are great, and the prices are excellent.

Just about everything we eat comes from Market Basket.

In July 2014, there was a customer boycott. This post isn't about the boycott, but about what I learned from the boycott.

  • The supermarket I took for granted was a really special store.
  • Arthur T. Demoulas was extremely good to his employees, while offering excellent value and making a good profit.
  • A community will support a boycott with good reason.
  • Twitter is a great news source.
  • The co-CEOs Felicia Thornton and James Gooch probably never had a chance. Regardless of their previous performance, they were doomed to fail by attempting to replace Arthur T. Demoulas.
  • There may have been a good reason for the feud, but that didn't absolve the participants from resolving the issue. Life isn't always fair, but you still have to move forward. You can't just stonewall.
  • The truth behind it all will probably never be known.
  • The other supermarkets - Hannaford and Shaws were nice.
  • You could always identify the Market Basket shoppers in the other stores - they were reading the signs at the ends of the aisles, scanning the shelves for their favorite products and sometimes sighing over the prices.
  • Riding my bike to the supermarket is one of my favorite parts of life.
  • Market Basket has the best cookies.

After 35 days, Arthur T. Demoulas returned as CEO, the shelves were stocked and the customers returned.

Thank goodness! I was almost out of butter.

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