Kids, Snacks and Church

  07/17/16 11:17, by admin, Categories: Main

I went to Mass at 8:30a this morning and I sat behind a Dad, Mom and little boy. The little boy was four or five years old.

As soon as they settled into the pew, the Mom gave him a baggie of chocolate cookie / crackers (no doubt they are some of those special 'fortified for small children crackers') and a bottle of water.


Church only lasts an hour. I am reasonably sure these people did not have to drive more than half an hour to get there.

Dear reader, I will now answer your questions:

  • Why do you care? I only care enough to rant in the blog. Why are you reading?
  • What if the little boy has some terrible malady that requires he be fed ever hour? I think that's really unlikely, don't you?
  • What if the little boy did not get breakfast? Well, then I guess they should feed him a proper breakfast - every day
  • What if the little boy has ADD or some other issue and the food is required to distract him? I don't think so, he ran out of food fairly fast and was okay for the remainder of the service. And food is a poor choice for distraction and entertainment.
  • Was the little boy fat? He wasn't really fat, but I didn't get his BMI
  • Was the little boy thin? See above
  • What is your point anyway? That by the time a kid is four or five, they should be able to go without food for an hour or two and that church is not like preschool where snack time is required.

You don't need to pack a snack to take your kid to church.

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