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"Microsoft" Support Calling ...

  06/15/14 08:57 pm, by , Categories: Fun

This is not in any way related to Microsoft. It is a description of a scam call I received and the caller claimed they were with "Microsoft Support". Also, the text here is as I remember it, it may not be 100% accurate. You probably don't care. Neither do I.

I wasn't sitting in front of my computer and my computer wasn't on. For the duration of the call.

Caller (with heavy Middle Eastern accent): Hello, this is Microsoft Support. We are calling about your computer which is issuing error codes. We want to help you fix your computer.
Me: Yuh
Caller: I need you to turn on your computer.
Me. Yuh
Caller: Are you near your computer? Are you in front of your computer?
Me: Yuh
Caller: Is your computer on?
Me: Yuh
Caller: Can you get to Google?
Me: No, Google is in the kitchen.
Caller: Google is in the kitchen?
Me: Google is my cat.
Caller: Okay then use Chrome and type in www ...
Me: Yuh
Long pause
Me: www
Different caller: Do you have Chrome running?
Me: What?
Different caller: Chrome?
Me: Google is my cat.
Different caller: Can you use Internet Explorer?
Me: Never! I don't like Internet Explorer.
Different caller: Okay then, how about Firefox?
Me: That's a browser!!!!
Different caller: Type www
Me: www
Long pause
Original caller: Now type (I forget what he said, I certainly wasn't going to type it in the address bar)
Me: www
Original caller: Did you type (whatever)
Me: Yahoo is my dog

I've forgotten the rest - but it was grand fun to be annoying for a bit.

If you get one of these calls - they aren't calling from Microsoft. It's a scam. In all likelihood the URL they want you to go to will infect your computer with a nasty virus. Or they might take your credit card information and do something. If you have time to waste - go ahead, otherwise, just hang up.

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