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A Drop of Insulin

  05/11/17 06:50 am, by , Categories: Main

Hobo is my cat.

He is a distinctly average brown tabby cat with a white tummy.

For the past few months Hobo had been drinking a lot of water, peeing a lot and laying on the floor looking rather miserable.

So I took him to the vet and they found he was diabetic.

When you adopt a pet, you accept the responsibility to take care of them.

And so I learned how to give Hobo an insulin shot. I won't put the details here, but the vet tech showed me how to do it. It isn't difficult.

Hobo flinches a little when he gets his shot.

But Hobo feels better. He doesn't spend all day drinking and peeing. He is alert and much more active.

He thanked me with a dead, bloody mole on the kitchen floor.

It's expensive, and I don't really like giving him a shot. But we have a pattern and it is working.

I was thinking about the drop of insulin he is receiving twice a day. It is just a tiny bit, but it makes a huge difference. If you extend that to other parts of life, what else could be improved if you added a tiny bit? A smile when you didn't really feel like it. Maybe refraining from expressing a negative opinion which wouldn't change anything anyway. Putting a little more money in a donation than you wanted to. Doing something a little better than you had planned.

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