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Border Cat

  10/31/17 10:25 pm, by , Categories: Main

It took me two years to paint the kitchen.

There was wallpaper.  It had to be removed and the walls had to be scrubbed.  It took a long time.

Finally, after a year or so, I finished.

When I started the projct, I had chosen a pretty border and bought three rolls, based on some measurement which was very obviously wrong.  I put the border up and realized I needed more border, so I bought two more rolls.  Sadly, I needed more. 

So I went to the web site.  Optimistically thinking I'd get a great deal on the border because it will probably be in the discontinued bin since it had taken me so long to finish the project.

Alas, it was discontinued.

And out-of-stock.

My options were choose a new border and buy six rolls of it.  Nah.  I liked the border.  I could leave the border incomplete, but that was a pretty embarrassing solution.  Or, I could find a border that was close enough to what was there that it wouldn't be too noticeable.  That sounded like the most fun.

The second design included a cat, which is just perfect.  I like cats!

Border Cat


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