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Clothing Pool

  11/05/17 09:33 pm, by , Categories: Main

My Dad spent two years in a nursing home.

It was awful to see him suffer with his illness, which was one of those terrible things that doesn't have an effective treatment.

The staff were very good to him.

One thing we noticed though was that although everyone was dressed in clean clothing, it wasn't necessarily theirs. Most of the time Dad had his own clothes, but every now and then, Dad was dressed in someone else's stuff.

I'm pretty sure Dad didn't care, and as I said, it was clean.

I recently checked on my Aunt at a different nursing home. She'd been there a week or two, maybe three.

She was wearing a bright pink fleece jacket and a johnny. And some of those non-skid socks. She said she was cold, so I borrowed a blanket out of the clean laundry cart and put it over her legs.

Obviously, this nursing home doesn't have a clothing pool like the other one.

So, we went to Ocean State Job Lot and bought nice warm, soft things for my Aunt to wear. My husband took them to her. When he asked if he should just leave them on her bed, the staff told him, "No! We have to label them."


That must be the secret.

It will probably cost my cousins $100 for those labels. Sure hope they don't mind.

And my Aunt will be warm and feel better.

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