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Winter Storm Advisory - What not to do ...

  02/24/13 11:01 pm, by , Categories: Fun

After many trips to Portland Maine and back, I really wasn’t looking forward to driving home tonight, in a snowstorm.

My car was well equipped with the Apocalypse Kit, which means all kinds of stuff that would be helpful if I got stuck. In Siberia.

I am most fond of the food part of the kit and tonight I decided to eat the food all the way home. It’s normally a two hour drive, it looked like it would take at least an extra hour this time.

I started with the store brand mozzarella cheese stick, one of my favorite snacks. It was good. Next, I dug into the crackers. This box of crackers has three different varieties and I think I ate some sort of sesame seed crackers. Probably about twenty-five of them.

I had about a quart of cold water, too, which I enjoyed.

After getting through the tolls and across the Portsmouth bridge, I was pretty bored. I’d been very careful and fortunate, the car was still intact and on the road.

Passing into Massachusetts, I joined a cluster of cars following a road crew that was flashing down the road, scraping and sanding and going twenty five miles an hour.

Did I mention I was bored?

It was then I remembered the clementine which was rolling around on the passenger seat. Clementines are supposed to be easy to peel, right? So, as I was driving, I broke one of my sacred safety rules, I peeled the clementine and ate it, carefully. I must have eaten all the seeds, too, but I’m not sure. It was a REALLY GOOD clementine, sweet and juicy.

Now, I was bored, but very happy about the clementine.

The kit also included a bag of deluxe mixed nuts, so I ate a few of them and finished off the water.

Once the water is gone, I was really done eating, and … still bored.

I read somewhere that oranges can be very fragrant. I spent the rest of the ride roasting the clementine peels on the defroster and the car smelled lovely. When I pulled into the driveway, I gathered them up and tossed them out the window, before they caught fire.

Although I picked up all the litter from the trip, the car still looks like it was driven by messy rodent.




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