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Cat Redecoration

  09/03/17 08:32 pm, by , Categories: Main

This is Hobo (primary cat): Cat Redecoration

This is Lucy (emergency backup cat): Cat Redecoration

Hobo and Lucy finished off the living room carpet that had already suffered many crimes from Oska the dog and Elvis the cat.

The carpet and padding had to go to the dump.

As long as the room was trashed, it seemed like a good idea to paint the walls, and as long as you are painting the walls, you might as well paint the ceiling. Right?

And so the preparation began.

Patched all the little nicks, dings, cracks and bumps in the walls. Addressed the water damage from the ice dams of a long ago storm. Primed the patches, sealed the water stains. Protected the windows and other openings with plastic. Chose colors, painted the ceiling, painting the walls.

The project seems bigger because we just had new windows and doors installed which requires a pretty good amount of finish work as well.

Anyway, as often happens, when I look at the short paragraph that describes the painting project, it doesn't look that bad. And I already have all the tools because I have been painting stuff around this house for years.

Which reminds me of my Dad who said that when he was in the Army they told him, "if it doesn't move, paint it!"

Eventually, the painting will be done, a new floor will be installed, covered with a pretty area rug and I'll get a nice futon and table. It's going to be awesome.

But right now ... the house is TRASHED.

Cat Redecoration

Lame post? Yup. However, what I was really trying to do was see how to post pictures because this is a nice new version of the blog (http://b2evolution.net/) and I just moved all this stuff to a different server. The next post will be better, I promise.

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